New topic for Remodel Crazy, Homeowners talkback! Yeeaahh!

Homeowners talkback
Listen up Chump!

Remodel Crazy is an industry site first, its for builders and vendors and all the associated people we rely on to keep us legal, safe and educated.

But what about homeowners?

Welcome homeowners, we want to be better at our jobs and we need you to help.

Starting now, Remodel Crazy wants comments and articles on good and bad experiences with remodelers, suppliers.

All the people you give your money to when you have your home worked on visit Remodel Crazy and we report the truth, you can’t buy a good review on RC, but you can earn a good review here!

What are we asking from homeowners?

What do you really want from us?

What makes you feel like you got a good deal?

What makes you think you got shortchanged?

Do you think we act professional, or not? What’s professional behavior to you?

Other stuff.

Do you want free help, education, or just share how a remodel went. Were open to talking.

Lets hear how things went for you, lets  hear what you feel your not getting from the building industry.


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