Trade Groups. Love em, Hate em, whatta’ ya gonna do about it?


Trade GroupsTrade Groups

Trade organizations, who do they serve, what do they do?

This is going to be short. I belong to 3 trade organizations, I love the fact there are rules and standards, I hate the fact that not all members abide by the rules, yet they continue to attend meetings and prosper in part because of their memberships.

In December my round-table gets a new leader, after 2 years I’m ready to move on. Did I do a good job? Some will say yes and others will be glad to see me go. Did I follow the rules of the organization, ethically yes. Was I a quiet follower of the leadership? No, I wasn’t but………………I didn’t join for the organization, I joined for my love of the industry. An organization by it’s very existence is contrary to individual member wants, it’s an organization first.

So what do you do? If you are a member you will get out what you put in, so volunteering is key to you getting what you need. If you don’t volunteer then don’t complain. If you do volunteer any reason you want is most likely a good reason, just be honest with your expectations.

Love it, then support all the things you can.

Hate it, either leave or become an instrument of change. Above all give back to your group.

Written by- Paul Lesieur- Silvertree Construction


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