United we stand.


Were in the top 10!

By the Paul

Remodeling - United we stand
For progress! For industry!

A lot has been said about our industry, much of it bad. Just today I read that the remodeling industry is in the top 10 for jobs not likely to recover.

Hows that make you feel?

We have unlicensed contractors running around and many price jobs too low to make a profit, many do sub standard work and homeowners can’t tell us from these criminals.


Strong word isn’t it? They need to make a living right?

If you believe that then lets allow anyone to practice medicine, anyone to practice law, anyone to open a church regardless of whether they can preach or not.

Get real.

Never has our industry stood together, the Realtors have, doctors have, lawyers have, what are we, dilettantes?

We have trade groups like NARI and NAHB, perhaps the most visible professional organizations. Sure they make noise and do what? NARI has 6000 members and protects it’s interests, they protect the organization. NAHB has more members but mostly serves home builders.  They don’t work together, both afraid of losing ground and their brand. That does what for us?

It’s time!

It’s time to challenge these old dogs, they are miserable as representative groups. It’s time for a member aware organization, the old groups are holding on to outdated self serving processes that protect their status quo.

Are they bad? No both groups have done much good, both groups have intelligent and wonderful people in their midst but both groups are stuck and have been for years. Let them continue but lets not pretend they are getting anything done. Realtors have NAR, 1.5 million members. Do you think politicians listen to them? Damn right they do. Do you think politicians listen to 6000 NARI members?

Unite with your friends, talk with your competitors, our industry has loose standards, no real training except for some superfluous certifications and little respect from consumers. Are we going to just wait and let politicians set the bar for our industry?

If you think it’s getting tough to be a building professional, then how tough will it be when lobbyists for the big box stores pass legislation that will make it easy for them to operate but almost impossible for new companies to form and grow. Like it or not we have always been a small shop industry, soon it will be 3 or 4 large companies and it will be like the American automobile industry, the big 3 and no other choice.

Remodel Crazy will talk to anyone willing to unite our industry, that includes the existing and warring organizations we already have. If you are concerned contact us, if you think this doesn’t include you then enjoy the Kool-Aid.

Are we Crazy?

Damn right we are, we are Remodel Crazy!


  1. I continue to hear this message resonate through the Remodeling industry from some of the most vocal people. I think that it is Great! If these voices would join together, they could start the organization to unite remodelers and give them the respect with consumers. Most consumers don’t know the difference and just try to hire the best price. They need to know that this is a difference.

  2. Thanks for Great post Paul.
    I was at the Remodeling Show this week and saw Shawn McCadden adress several hundred people about the future of our industry. He posed the question that maybe our industry is ready for one organization to represent our interests not too. NAHB is for home builders. NARI is the only organization to date that focuses on the remodeler. However they are stuck at 6,000 plus members when our industry has many more. I have trained 3400 contractors on RRP to date and find that many have little faith the either organization has enough fire power to advance our concerns with the powers that rule. Shawn also referenced the NAR and showed how having a large base of 1.2 million paying members they have clout with DC.

    Count me in to discuss this important item.

    Mark the Coach

  3. Mark, I am ready to partner with you and anyone else.

    For the industry!

    My personal concerns are second to forwarding our best practices and professionalism.

    After we do that we can fight about what we don’t agree on! LOL!


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