One voice! An industry call to arms.


Just when you think its safe to go in the water,

it isn’t!

A call to arms.

Let’s pretend it’s 2005.

Monopoly money is floating around all residential properties, even the burn outs were getting contractor licenses and everyone was a builder, everyone a remodeler. Welcome to the party.

During this time industry groups got heady with their importance and influence which was just as real as making a 20% gain in house value each year, the drunk got drunker.

Parties over!

We need help and we need member help, we need a voice and we need an industry group that speaks to the masses.

Will the existing groups pull this off? No, never.

So lets move on. Over the next few months a push being developed will start the new building industry group. It will be for profit and it will charge a nominal fee to promote our industry to the challenges of the future. Like it or not it will be political and it will be responsive. With electronic media and social networking issues can be decided by popular vote easily.

It’s time to begin a group that serves the industry, that means everyone from the tile shop assistant to the owner of a Design Build firm.

What about the old groups?

The existing groups will be helped and enhanced under the efforts of a large political organization, the old groups can continue to do what they do best, education and networking. They do need to step back and accept they have little influence, it’s a fact and it’s time for them to allow our industry to move forward as a powerful group and not as tribal opponents.

Remodel Crazy is looking to partner with the forward looking people who would like to see this happen.

Welcome, let’s talk!


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