Were Back!

Paul Hat
The Paul wearing his Borsalino, He thinks he’s the Godfather of demolition!

Its been 5 years since Remodel Crazy has published anything. In the beginning we built a forum, did webinars, published articles and with no experience built a successful site.

A lot has gone on in my personal life since I retired the site. I am officially a senior citizen, am getting over a medical event that changed my life and the end result was I feel more energetic and relevant than any other time I can remember.

Remodel Crazy “where Crazy is a relative term” is back and we want you homeowners and professionals to show up, show off and tell us your stories as well as let us know what’s missing from other sites you may want to see here on Remodel Crazy. Tool reviews, color schemes, true stories about remodeling, actually anything that involves remodeling. Same as before, NO POLITICS, NO RELIGION! There are other sites where you can discuss those topics and really, we didn’t care about politics and religion before and don’t want to hear about them now.

The future is being built same as your home is being remodeled, so lets hear about how your project went and lets live, love and learn. Be Remodel Crazy.

The Paul


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