What’s a Cherry tree got to do with the economy?


In November I built a garage and in the process we removed some plants. The homeowner told us to save some and toss the rest. In the process of pulling and tossing I found this scraggly little bundle of twigs and I just couldn’t put it in the dumpster, so I brought it home in a garbage bag, put it in an old clean up bucket we use and set it in the basement.

This is cool.

That little twig of a Cherry tree sat in the bucket through the holidays until I noticed it about a month ago. “Probably dead” I thought but I went and ahead and watered it thinking “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Here is the tree today.

Cherry Tree and Remodeling with The Paul
Cherry tree just sitting on my railing in the old mop bucket.

Was it dead?

I guess not. Is the remodeling industry dead as we know it, I say no!

I’m going to water my business a little and sprout some new branches and wait for the flowers to bloom.

I’m still in the game. I hope you who are struggling do the same.

This little example of hope and growth is going into my front yard this spring.

Good luck with your bundle of twigs.

By The Paul


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