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Meet Chris Haught of RC Painting

Chris Haught | Rob HaughtChris with her husband Rob own and operate RC Painting in Cedar City, Utah, having left California looking to live the country life. RC Painting is a mostly new construction painter of residential homes.

She grew up in Anaheim in the 70’s as an active California girl who skate boarded and roller bladed with the boys and later got into Hot Rodding which included her owning a Ford Gran Torino with the Q-Code Cobra Jet 351 Cleveland engine with the 4 barrel carb, that meant Chris could spin out with Starsky and Hutch, I never asked her if she knew them. She was also an auto shop and wood shop student and is still a hands on gal today.

Graduating high school and then enrolling in college Chris went on to take a job with a major drug store chain and was soon setting up for new store openings until becoming one of the youngest store managers in the organization, Chris was given the challenge of taking under performing stores and turning them around, this became a ten year vocation until she decided there was more to life than working.

Living in California Chris met Rob, a smooth talking Lothario with a deft touch (with a paintbrush) and they fell in love and decided to get married. Rob and Chris chose Utah for its beauty and the place to exchange their marriage vows. They liked it so much they moved Robs Painting from California to Utah and that’s where you’ll find them today.

Chris has been a cook, tractor driver and worked an alfalfa farm. Now days you will find her teaching computer science and acting as the librarian at an elementary school where she also does IT work for the computers. Chris has been teaching for 12 years and also acts as the office manager for RC Painting and as she likes to put it, she is “The Brains behind the Brawn”, Rob was not available for comment.

RC Painting is Rob and Chris Haught and they prove that you can be married and work together.

I asked Chris a few questions and here are her answers.

1. What do you like about being a remodeling (painting) business owner?

I like the opportunities that are presented when I meet new people and are able to be part of their home improvement project or the build of their dream home.  I love seeing a new house rise from the ground, knowing that we were a part of a team creating a home for a family. I like seeing the new trends, methods and materials used. I like sharing thoughts, plans and ideas from online forums.

2. What don’t you like about it?

The rejection when a homeowner does not choose us! No, really, the hardest thing is keeping up with all the latest rules and regulations regarding employees, taxes, safety, RRP, etc.

3.Do you see opportunities for women in this field?

Certainly, look at some of the women on our forum, there are plenty of women who are successful in the field and in the office. Running a well rounded business these days requires not only the love of the craft and the technical skills, but being involved in the community, marketing, social media and meeting with customers. With the advance of technology, there are many opportunities for women that were not possible years ago. While many women can handle all the physical challenges, it is not a requirement any more.

4.What advice would you give a young woman.

The same advice I would give a young man, find out what you love to do, learn to do it well, be honest with yourself and others an keep your word. You are a painter, framer, electrician, plumber, estimator, designer, etc first.  Don’t expect to be treated different because of gender. Although we all know it happens, it is how you respond and carry yourself that will earn the respect of your peers.

5. If money was no object, what would you rather do?

Last year we did a project for Homes for Our Troops and met some incredible “Road Warriors”, retired tradespeople that traveled in their RVs all over the US participating in building homes for veterans. I would love to travel, meet some of my online friends (Modern and Blue!) golf, go fishing and watch Rob paint houses

To find out more about RC Painting Cedar City, Utah. Visit their website. http://RCPaintingInc.com

by The Paul


  1. Great article Paul! Chris H is one rocks of the RC foundation. Having her as a member and moderator is a tremendous help to growing this forum.

  2. Nice article. RC Painting seems like a a nice outfit and if my thing tanks I will be looking to get hired on.
    Chris is a true asset to the RC forum, you guys are lucky to have her input.


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