Who is the Perminator?


Jean ValleeBy Paul Lesieur

Welcome to Atlanta where Jean Vallee makes a living by getting building permits. Atlanta has guidelines to follow and Jean knows how to work in the system. So how did she get to this place?

About the Perminator. Jean comes from a white collar area and was raised in a traditional home. Her father was a salesman and Jean grew up in a house where home repairs stayed at home. Her family did the all the work whether it was home repair or car repairs. Things were simpler then and permits for residential construction were not as relevant as they are today. Fast forward to today and Jean is entering her 13th year as a permit acquisition specialist.

After graduating from school Jean worked for Cooper Tire as a purchasing agent buying and expediting materials for the in-house print shop, while working on a degree in psychology. In the intervening years she worked at very different jobs but the task was the same: buying and expediting.  She has purchased and moved through the system production supplies, balloons, business cards, high end design furniture and prototype missile parts. After moving to Georgia she worked at Georgia Tech while working towards a degree in drafting. Woo! A permit specialist with a psychology and drafting degree dealing with city and national codes and compliance. The permits counter has no choice but to give Jean her permits.

Serving Commercial and Residential building contractors, the Perminator keeps her clients in their office instead of the city permit counter, they get to do what they do best and Jean does what she does best, getting the jobs permitted for the build.

Jean’s drafting skills allows her to explain or make changes to construction drawings if a question stalls the permit process. Being familiar with what the City of Atlanta and outlying jurisdictions require and how they work is also a skill that allows for a successful outcome.

Jean works with contractors, engineers, architects, surveyors, trades people, real estate agents, sign companies and homeowners to run the permit maze and make it seem simple and transparent.
Jean’s specialties are new construction and remodeling. Additions, interior alterations, white boxes, historic districts/ SAP’s, re-inspections, CO’s, water meters, variances, due diligence and demolitions all fall under her areas of experience. Jean is able get the design professionals communicating with government entities to keep the project moving!

When you call the Perminator you can expect assistance from the first call as to what is required to get the process started and what can will be done to keep your project moving towards success and your permit. Future goals for the Permintor are to contract with more commercial companies and to pass the LEED V3 exam to become accredited and assist those interested in Green Building with their permitting needs.

Jean Vallee is also an active member of NARI Atlanta WINN, which stands for Women In NARI Networking, a group of professional women in the remodeling industry who are NARI members. More on that in the future.

Jean can be reached via e-mail at permgtgrp@comcast.net or by phone: 404-247-0652.



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