Who’s your Daddy?


Remodeling amidst the ruins.

By The Paul

Rebuilding slows down
Rebuilding slows down

You messing with me Willis?

2010 is the year the remodeling industry shifts to what we will know as the New Remodeling Industry. Old friends will move on and new friendships will be formed. The national organizations like NARI and NAHB will see membership dwindle and through strong efforts bankrolled by their corporate members these organizations will likely rebuild and become what their corporate sponsors want them to become. Why do I say this? Because its what happens right before industries become owned by the big players. Its called consolidation.

You say it won’t happen, its already started. Home Depot does millions of jobs each year, jobs that went to small businesses now go to the Big Box guys. It happened with Banking. Auto and Insurance, Real Estate was the last to go. The Big outfits are good at squeezing out the little ones and if small shops will survive were going to have to step up our game. But we need to do more than get better, we need to organize.

Whaz up wit dat?

What contractors can do is move on to form a new national organization, not against the ones that exist, they do many things well, but they are old and stuck and have been wasting resources for years. We need an organization that operates by popular vote, an organization that does not take money from large corporate sponsors, we need easy membership and a single minded goal. We want our industry to be represented by all ethical and quality minded companies. Bigger in business is seldom better. How to fight back? Take any Big Box store, do you buy from them, don’t! You get the remodeling community together and buy somewhere else, do this long enough and you got power. Right now one of the national organizations is partnered with all the Big Box stores, I ask, how is this good for you? Vote with your wallet. Or just sit there and complain.

Hows that gonna happen?

Already we have forums with a collective membership in the millions, many of these members are one and two man/ woman shops and these people, although fiercely independent are constantly in touch with each other. This is a tribal setting and open to cooperation because no one person stands to gain more than his brethren. This social network doesn’t need corporate sponsorship and could work towards unifying our industry. The internet is powerful enough to allow us to unite, no driving to meetings, just easy and instant communication, you push a button and you tell us how you vote.

Where do we start?

Talk to your friends and ask yourself if your happy with the regulations you work with and ask yourself if you feel anyone cares about you and your business. Do you feel represented?

If you feel satisfied with the way things are and where they are going, do nothing. The old organizations are still there for you.

If your not satisfied then contact Remodel Crazy, we can put you in touch with other people who want the industry to move forward with better practices that will be promoted by the working members of our industry.

Do you want a voice, or don’t you?


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