Help Wanted, Write for Remodel Crazy.


Help Wanted, Write for Remodel CrazyAre You Remodel Crazy? Are you a writer? What Kind?

Remodel Crazy wants writers, not the usual suspects, oh no, we want provocative subjects covered by opinionated people. We want men and woman who shake the branches of the Tree of Life.

Think you got a solution? Got a concern? Have something special to share?

Stories from the trenches, stories from the office.

Have you overcome a disability, then inspire us.

But wait, maybe you got something to say but your afraid it may frighten your friends and family.

Don’t worry, use a Nom De Plume such as Stephan King aka, Richard Bachman or Samuel Clemens aka, Mark Twain or my favorite, Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin aka, George Sands.

Join Remodel Crazy and message The Paul, lets put some life back into the industry.


  1. I write for my own blog and would be happy to throw some remodeling info at remodeling people…What do I need to do? I got me some life to put back in the industry…

    ~Holly C Bertsch
    Taylor’d Home Improvements


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